Up and Running

We are open for the people!  Come in and check out the new improvements we have made at the shop.  We are doing a few things different this year, like having people sign a waiver before they start working in the shop.  This helps us keep track of the number of people that are working on there bikes and limits our liability.  The shop looks great with some color on the walls.

2nd Cycle has moved!!!!

Well, it’s finally happened. 2nd Cycle has moved to a new location. Thanks to everyone’s help and support. A big thanks to Noah, Sean, and anyone else who has been involved in construction/setup this past couple of weeks. Here’s the new digs:

1312 MLK Way (Between 13th and 14th).

To celebrate, there will be re-opening event on Feb. 4th (this Saturday) from 12-6 that will involve tea, biscuits, and bikes. Enticing? Certainly. Come check out the new space!

More updates on the new space, rules, regs, and futures 2nd Cycle projects in the near future…

Artwork by Jessica Orr